State of the art TOMMY MARK collection is here and its fresher than ever. Our unique line of TOMMY MARK designs are available in 9 karat solid gold and 925 sterling silver . Each ring is available in your preferred precious metal, forging a new fresh look to up your form. TOMMY MARK is building the bridge between high end, quality jewellery and fashion statement designs, creating pieces that will last a lifetime. We aim to provide the most affordable prices possible for our solid designer jewels, delivering 'A' grade work, without the hefty price tag.

Based in Byron Bay, Australia, the home of TOMMY'S founder and handmade in Jaipur India the gemstone capital of the world. Each piece is crafted by our incredibly talented team of jewellers that are bringing our designs to life through lost-wax castings and engraving each of your rings by hand. This allows for a high level of consistency and the upmost perfection and quality in your pieces. Each Piece is made to order as we are a small team practicing a system that stems away from mass production and towards a more personalized designer touch. Follow our jewellery care instructions to make sure your bling stays fresh. Stand out from the crowd with TOMMY MARK, we've got you covered.

meet  The  Founder

March 2020 Tommy Mark Jewellery was born. Founded by Emma Topliss, a creative soul from the east coast of Australia with a passion for jewellery. " My Nonna was a jewellery hoarder and I've been obsessed ever since I discovered her perpetual collection. At TOMMY we are recreating vintage/ ancient designs and producing genuine, original pieces. Especially for men, there's too much mass-produced stainless steel rubbish out there for them. TOMMY MARK's about crafting QUALITY materials into bold designs for men and woman promoting FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

It's been a dream of mine to have my own jewellery line since I was a kid, making it all so surreal now. I've learnt so much from this journey already, building this business from the ground up, it's crazy, you really don't know how much hard work goes into it, until you do it. I'd like to add a big THANK YOU to everyone supporting my dream and supporting small business, I appreciate it more than you know.
Persist with your passion- anythings possible when you put your mind to it! MUCH LOVE :) "